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SOUTH AFRICA 1877-9, CLASP 1878-9 ‘113. PTE W. BELLAMY. 1/13TH FOOT’

No papers have been found for Private William Bellamy, although a search of the 1/13th muster rolls should provide dates of service etc.. What is known is that he was discharged from the army by the time the medals were being issued and that he was present at the Battle of Khambula on the 29th March 1879, where he was slightly wounded.

The 1/13th were engaged in operating against Sekhukhuni in 1878. During the Zulu War of 1879 they, along with the 90th and later the 80th formed part of Wood’s Column. These Regiments, along with the attached Irregular force under Buller formed arguably the most experienced and reliable force the Command had on hand thoughout the War. The 1/13th took part in the actions of 24th Jan Zunguin Nek but it would be the victory at Khambula, on the 19th March that 1/13th really showed their metal gallantly checking the enemy at the right rear of the laager. The cattle laager was also held by the battalion throughout the engagement. Two companies were posted in Leet’s redoubt, the fire from which made great havoc throughout the engagement. When the attack slackened, two cos. of the 13th, under Capts. Thurlow and Waddy, moving to the right front of the cattle laager, did great execution amongst the retreating Zulus, who were closely followed up and cut to pieces by the Mounted Corps. During this battle the Regiment would have 28 casualties, including Private Bellamy.

Condition EF, with original ribbon. A lovely looking medal and a very scarce casualty. With copy medal and casualty roll

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