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General Service 1962-2007, 1 clasp, Northern Ireland ‘24471611 Gnr M P S McKee RA’, South Atlantic 1982, with rosette ‘24471611 Pte M D McKee Para’

Mark Peter McKee enlisted in the Royal Artillery in 1978, and served with 27 Regiment in Northern Ireland on Operation Banner. Promoted Lance Bombardier in 1980, He put in for a transfer to the Parachute Regiment in 1981 and after training was posted to the 2 Para in 1982, serving in the Falklands with 6 Platoon, B Company, commanded by Lieutenant Chapman (later Major General). Chapman would later author ‘Notes From a Small Military’ which includes a chapter of 6 platoon’s activities during the Falkland’s War; Goose Green etc and ‘Not Mentioned in Despatches’ by Fitz-Gibbon, gives chapters on B Companies assaults on Burntside Hill and Boca Hill (many other mentions also).

Condition mounted as worn, VF/GVF. GSM a replacement issue, ‘R’ erased from edge, SA 1982 original issue. Presumably McKee lost his GSM and had to apply for a replacement. Slight variation in initials but this clearly just a naming error.

Sold with copies of his Soldier’s Record of Service and a number of copy photographic images from Northern Ireland, the Falklands and Belize and other research. Quite scarce to have so much info.

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