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Starts with a parade at Durban and then landing armoured cars at Kilildini, albums content from then on is all East Africa circa 1916. Many photos of Rolls Royce armoured cards, in action, being repaired, in groups etc, also a variety of other field made cars converted for purpose; motorcycles, trains, blown up bridges, battle damage, natives, captured artillery pieces, artillery in action, Indian soldiers, Uganda railways, hunting expedition, Vickers machine guns and some stunning scenic views of Africa etc etc. There is also a photo of several Leyland armored cars which would be of the first armored car unit in action in East Africa; No. 1 (Willoughby’s) Armoured Motor Battery. No. 1 battery operated four Leyland armored cars paid for and converted by Sir John Willoughby. The battery also contained ‘soft’ lorries and food trucks and twenty four gunners on Triumph motorcycles.

The Machine Gun Corps (Motors) MGC(M) units that were sent to East Africa were the 4th and 5th Light Armoured Battery and the 7th Light Armoured Car Battery with the acronym ‘LAB’ or ‘LANB’ Light Armoured Motor Batteries. Each battery operated four Rolls Royce armored cars. Its unclear which Battery this album depicts but since the Cars are all numbered, by looking at the War diaries or such, it should be possible to find out. Unfortunately only the first page of photos as descriptions of the photos.

Condition is excellent, photos for the main quite sharp (sepia toned). An incredibly rare album with 132 photos in total, hardbound.

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