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Small 19x14cm album containing 45 8 x 5.5cm photos. Album is of the window type with each photo slipped into their own frame and are removable.

Content of the album is mainly photos of fellow pilots and observers, many of which have names underneath. Good details of pilots and observers wings being worn, some of the Officers wearing Military Cross ribbons. There are also a few shots of aircrew wearing flying kit, one good shot from the observer’s cockpit of a Bristol Fighter? A photo of an Fe2b, a very nice shot of a Sopwith Camel taken in flight during a roll (upside down!) and another loose picture of ground crew with a crashed Avro. There are also several taken from the Officers quarters/hut that show then using the seats from damaged aircraft as personal seats. Several of the pilots have wound stripes and or service chevrons, one with three, which shows the to be 1917/18.

Condition of the album is good. The spine has come away from one side of the album but is not loose and can easily be glued back and one page as been torn around the edges of the frames, though the photos themselves are undamaged and since there are spare pages at the back, it would be easy to swap the photos into another page. However the photos are named on the frame so I will leave this for the buyer to decide.

Quality of the photos are good, a couple are double exposed and 3 or 4 (including a dog – mascot?) are a bit blurry but the rest are very good. Indeed there are some really good candid photos of young pilots and observers in the album, which is the main subject matter.

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